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What is Plumbing?

Tick the box if you are good at...

Planning things?

Using you hands skilfully?

Working tidily and carefully?

Checking that you have done things correctly?

Listening to what people tell you?

Carrying out instructions?

Working on your own initiative?

Learning new and interesting things?

It wouldn’t bother you much if you had to...

Work outside in the open air?

Travel to many different places?

Sometimes get dirty?

Sometimes work at heights or up a ladder?

Sometimes work alone?

Sometimes with others?

Have you ever used, can you use a…


Electric drill

Tape measure

Spirit level



Pipe wrench


If you’ve ticked lots of boxes that’s great,  plumbing could be just what you are looking for!

If not don’t worry, all the skills mentioned above can be learned if you want to...

What about other skills and knowledge?

A professional plumber will develop lots of other skills, for example:

Pipes run under floors, so the ability to lift floorboards and relaying them,

Pipes pass through walls, so holes have to be made and patched up afterwards.

A professional plumber also needs to have some knowledge of building construction. If not, joists might be cut too deep or walls weakened by large holes and floors or walls might collapse.

Plumbers also need some knowledge of electricity, as modern boilers, pumps and motorised valves used in central heating all need electricity to operate.