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Learn Plumbing - Advanced Theory Course


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Includes our disk of design spreadsheet software

The Learn Plumbing Advanced Theory Course follows on from our Installation Theory Course (knowledge level required for a Trained Plumber). It takes you up to and beyond the level of knowledge that is needed by an Advanced Plumber. It can provide much of the supplementary job knowledge evidence required for a National Vocational Qualification Level 3 in Plumbing (C&G 6089) or Domestic Heating (C&G 6088).

A copy of our Introduction to NVQ Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings, Specifications and Data Module gets you started. This explains more about the work of an Advanced Plumber and the essential differences between level 2 and Level 3 skills. It also describes the Level 3 qualification structure and the principles of creating an extended Evidence Portfolio to prove competence by doing actual plumbing work. Following on from this is a series of advanced self-study modules, with lots of design and planning exercises for you to complete.

Each module has a set of multiple-choice questions at the end to test your knowledge and understanding and provide evidence of your knowledge of the theory of plumbing design, planning and advanced installation skills.

The Advanced Theory Course consists of the study modules listed below together with a copy of our second computer disk of useful software.

Click on the module titles below to see what each contains...

Module 11 Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data

Module 12 Domestic Heating System Design

Module 13 Special Needs Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Module 14 Domestic Pipe Sizing

Module 15 Costing and Planning Plumbing Installation Work

Module 16 Setting Out for Pipe Bending

Module 17 Building Drainage

Module 18 Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Installation

Module 19 Domestic Oil Installations

Module 20 Green Plumbing Technology

The Advanced Theory Course includes a good quality A4 sized 4 ring binder together with dividers. A copy of our CD-ROM of spreadsheet based design software - to simplify and speed the processes involved. Delivery of your training modules plus full personal tutor support by post, email or telephone is also included, as is marking your answers to the module exercises and multiple-choice questions at the end of each module. We providing you with feedback on your answers, and issue a personalised Record of Achievement for each completed module, plus a Summary overall Record of Achievement when you successfully complete the course.

On receipt of your enrolment form and payment we will despatch your binder together with the Training Guide, Module 11 - Introduction to Level 3 and Interpreting Drawings and Data and  Module 12 - Domestic Heating System Design, plus a copy your CD-ROM. When we receive each completed Module answer paper from you we will mark it and send your Record of Achievement (with feedback as necessary) together with the next module of the training course, and so on, until you have completed all the study modules...

Should you need any help or have difficulty understanding any part of the course learning materials whilst you are studying or afterwards, then write, email or telephone us with your questions and your Personal tutor will be happy to explain further and help you until you are confident that you understand the topic…Should you have difficulty understanding any part of the course materials whilst you are studying, then email or telephone with your questions and your personal tutor will be happy to help you…